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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Kayla and Tom

Kayla and I share something that has bound us together for life… the trials and triumphs of being a bakery girl at Landes Meats. We worked together, cutting out  and icing sugar cookies, rolling party breads early on Saturday mornings, and discussing her OCD about colors being in their proper place ( : ] ), for almost 4 years. Very few people (Brenda, Ashley,my sister, and Karen, Kayla’s mom)  can understand just what that means so it is a very special bond… haha. Kayla is truly one of the the sweetest girls I know. She has a huge heart and an infectious laugh. I was so happy when she asked me to take the pictures for her wedding.  There is something really strange and surreal when you see the girls you used to dream about your wedding day with when you were younger actually get married. There’s something even more surreal about it when you get to be the one who captures the moments that make up that day. 

We went to Yellow Springs and it was a gorgeous fall day. This brick building with the ivy and colored leaves and rusty stair case  … has to be one of my favorite places to take pictures by far.  And can I just say, that this song by Ray LaMontagne has changed my life… not literally, but artistically. Props go to my dear Kelsey for sending it my way. I love his voice… it is so soulful and sincere. Kayla said she and Tom like Rock… and I know this is more along the lines of soul, but I felt like it was the best way to compromise and marry the two.  I hope you two like it : )













wide shots are never my favorites, but I love this one : )












Chris and Steve

The story behind how I came to photograph Chris and Steve’s Wedding is a really special one to me. A little over four years ago I had my first day at Sinclair Community College. I had been home schooled… so the notion of sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other students and possibly a mean, nasty teacher demanding that I answer questions I didn’t know how to answer in front of the students was daunting to me. I was so nervous for my first class… which just happened to be English 111 and just happened to be with the most wonderful, reassuring, fun professor a girl could hope for on her first day of college… Sally Lahmon. Sally was so sweet and relatable. Her class allowed a really open and laid-back atmosphere that provided for good discussions and a non-threatening environment for asking any questions that needed to be asked. She was like a really great Mom to have in the classroom. She didn’t judge me for going off on tangents about how I thought I was being misunderstood in my paper and for my sensitivity to criticism… (thank you for that : ) It was by far the best first college class I could have hoped for.

To top that all off, I just happened to meet another home-schooled girl named Savannah in class that day who was equally nervous and equally grateful for Sally… and she just happened to become my best friend. A lot of people talk about making life-long friends at college, but I had no idea that was going to happen to me at a Community College in Dayton. She really is my BFF … even though we haven’t gotten the matching necklaces yet.

There are all of these wonderful things tied to Sally. So I was so honored and excited when she asked me to take the pictures at her Mom Chris’ wedding. And then I met Chris… and she was ADORABLE so I was even more excited. Turns out the adorable thing runs in the family. I took so many pictures of the grandkids. It was such a privilege to photograph and just be in the midst of a family who has so much fun together and loves each other so much. Chris and Steve were so in love and so happy. And their families were so happy that they were so happy. I am so glad that I got to be a part of a such a beautiful day. And Savannah helped me so that made it even more special. (Thank you… you were a huge help : )

Sally told me that Steve and Chris are big Sinatra fans. Here’s to you two and all the best that is yet to come…





































Diana and Jared

We started Diana and Jared’s session at Ault Park on Friday afternoon… where there were 3… count ’em THREE weddings happening all at the same time. One of the weddings seemed to involve someone very well known or semi-famous because there were at least 5-7 photographers with huge telephoto lenses waiting on this bride to get out of the limo. It was so crazy! Anyways, it was our first time meeting and they were so sweet. They did such a great job being natural and cute so that made me really happy. They even asked us out to dinner afterwards to go to Montgomery Inn… the barbecue chicken was so yummy. It was a great night.

These two met each other through a mutual interest in college… trumpet. I think it’s really adorable. Even though this David Gray song doesn’t have any trumpet, I thought it fit them really well. Hope you guys enjoy your pictures : )

















Joey and Clark

It must be said… that I desperately miss summer. I’m heartbroken. There is nothing that makes me as happy as sitting outside on a summer night in a summer dress at a cafe, listening to this amazing indie group cover Beatles songs while I drink something cold and chocolately and talk about nothing and everything with my favorite people. This is summer. It’s so liberating to be barefoot all of the time. Every year I hope in vain that I’ll be able to stop the inevitable changing of the seasons and live eternally in summer. And every year this happens… it gets colder. I always try to appreciate the changing of the seasons from a more philosophical, thought-provoking point of view…there are things I really enjoy about the rest of the year. Pumpkin pies and changing leaves in the fall… homeade cinnamon rolls my Mom makes on Christmas morning in the winter… and the way everything becomes green and wet in the spring. But in actuality, focusing on these things is just my coping method until summer returns. “A life without love is a like a year without summer.”

So this year I’m so glad that I can really immerse myself in taking pictures. It’s something that I love in the same way that I love summer : ) Joey and Clark were a really sweet couple. I loved that about midway through the session as they were laying on the ground looking up at me, Joey informed me that this way probably the silliest thing she’d ever done. I thought that was really cute and felt really privileged to a part of the silliest moment of someone’s life. That’s pretty monumental. I love their taste in music… it’s funny because the song I used for their slideshow is a song that my friend Savannah sent me like a week earlier and then Joey mentioned to me that it was one of their favorites. Joey and Clark are getting married at the end of November… Can’t wait for your wedding guys! Hope you enjoy your pictures!