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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Tiffany and Quincy’s Engagement Session

Ahhh….Sigh… happy sigh… I’ve so missed taking pictures outside. Especially engagement pics. Life is about to be crazy in the best way possible. I really really need to organize my desktop… and bridge… before all of the craziness ensues.

I had a thought the other day as I was inside editing… watching the rain come down incessantly. Perhaps a thought that has been thought of before but it felt new to me. I thought that maybe the reason there is so much rain in the spring time is because the Earth is having a good cry. Winter is hard and painful, both literally in terms of the weather and sometimes figuratively…there’s a harsh overtone and so many things come to an end…. So wouldn’t it make sense that Spring is the season when the Earth releases all the bottled up emotions that winter encapsulates… it’s getting all of it out. Unleashing, releasing… in preparation for the new beginnings.  Truth be told, when I told my literary-inclined best friend this thought that I had, it was anything but poetic sounding… but she understood the sentiment.

We did Tiffany and Quincy’s e-session in Oxford… oh the cuteness of Oxford : ) It’s so great to be able to shoot in a different setting too. Erica helped me … and by helped, I mean really helped. I honestly think, if I didn’t have someone following me, I would leave my camera bag on a random bench somewhere. And then I would be in huge trouble! Savannah and Kelsey came along too, because we were so close to their neck of the woods. They painted pottery during the session. As noted before, oh the cuteness of Oxford.

Tiffany and Quincy did a great job… I’m always especially impressed by the guys who stick it out for so long and humor me with all the silly things I ask them to do. Hope you two enjoy these : )

Jarrod’s Senior Pictures

Jarrod’s senior pictures provided me with a really new experience. I have never actually taken any pictures in a weight room before… but I actually kind of liked the feel of them. And it’s where he feels at home so it means something to him. I’m always up for doing things that mean something to people : ) It also must be noted that Jarrod was such a gentleman.

Spring and All That It Brings…

So I know I’ve been telling some of you for months now that I’ve been redesigning my website… and that soon…  very soon… I would reveal it. Well, I guess soon has finally arrived. The truth is that it is not what I want it to be in its entirety. The thing at the top of my list right now is changing that font because it really bothers me… haha. But the reality is that Spring is here… and that equals craziness. This website will be put on the back burner until there is down time again and I would rather have this new, partially finished one up rather than the older one that pains me every time I look at it. I want to thank Kelsey and Melinda for giving me two quotes that understood exactly what my heart was needing to hear. And to Savannah for encouraging me always, in all things : ) I want to thank for my Dad, photoshop guru, for patiently hearing me and and trying to meet my ridiculous demands…haha. I don’t know what I would do without having someone who has been so proficient in photoshop for years just down the street. Or what I would do without my Dad period. Thanks to my Mom for helping me work out the details… also don’t know what I would do without her… well my whole family. And of course, thanks bunches and bunches and bunches to my best friend and love… for all his help and patience and encouragement… for taking care of me so well… and for dealing with my rants and diatribes(if that’s the right word) about this website. I love you.

I sort of feel like I just gave my acceptance speech at an awards show… not what I intended …haha…

p.s. I also just wanted to note that anyone who has signed a contract or any bride that I have already quoted a price to will still retain that original price… not the new ones : )

If you click on the link to my website now on the blog it should take you to the new site.

“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships” -Charles Simic

There is no reason for the above quote, other than I like Charles Simic and this post is about “light” in some capacity. And I suppose I am trying to figure out just what I want to build creatively in my empty bottle… lighthouse… ship… beach house … who knows? : )

I was able to help my good friend Erica at her first wedding this past week… she did such a great job…amazingly calm : ) I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with shooting exclusively with no flash. I have always been intrigued by the people who do this on a regular basis because you have to be far more aware of your light sources than when you’re using an external flash. And you also have to know how you want to achieve your outcome… there are a combination of things of course you have to do, but one particular element might be the most prominent. Bumping up my ISO will result in grainier pictures… which can be really great if that’s what you’re going for… using a way slow shutter means you’ve got to have a steady hand, and you risk a little bit blurring if there’s too much movement and you’re not using a tripod… and shooting wide open can result in funny things being focus if you don’t have it just right ( which can actually also be a really great effect). And really, all of these elements have to go into shooting without flash if there’s very little light, but one is usually dominant. Anyways… I love the feel of pictures without flash so I really wanted to try… experiment… learn.  Always so much to learn… I loved it : ) It was really good experience for me. So I was just going to post “a few”… but clearly I’ve never been able to confine myself to just a “few”… : )

this is the bride

this is the bride's son Charlie... he said he was dressed like a preacher man : )

he was not so keen on posing for pictures...

he was not so keen on posing for pictures...



waiting for their cue : )

waiting for their cue : )





Charlie was NOT happy that he was standing up there with his Mom too... so she took care of that : )

Charlie was NOT happy that he wasn't standing up there with his Mom too... so she took care of that : )


I love this... they were definitely doing that things kids do when they were praying... checking to make sure everyone

I love this... they were definitely doing that things kids do when they were praying... checking to make sure everyone's eyes are closed... they totally caught me...