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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lauren…Rob… and the fabulous Julia… : )

Precious. Seriously precious people… so completely in love and happy… quirky and fun. This was probably the easiest time I’ve ever had on a shoot. I really didn’t have to tell them to do anything. They were just their amazing selves and I got to take pictures of it : )

I’ve known Lauren since the third grade. We used to go to Probe (sp) together.  She was always super sweet to me even though I was the strange little girl who sat quietly on the bus while she and her friends played Brain Quest. I miss that game! When I stopped going to Helke, we didn’t see each other anymore. But 3 or 4 years later I started taking tennis lessons and somehow Lauren did too! I found out she lived down the street from me and we started hanging out  again. Somehow after tennis lessons we lost touch again, and through the world of facebook… years later… we found each other again. When we found each other we were both engaged and ended up getting married within a couple of months of each other.  Lauren is seriously one of the funniest, most original people I know : ) My favorite story with her goes as follows. Our tennis instructor Chrissy was driving us both home one day and she asked us both what street we lived on… and Lauren responded, “Croyden” and I responded “Chelsea”… then Chrissy said, ” Oh okay, now how do you pronounce your name Lauren?” To which Lauren kindly responded, ” Oh! It’s just “Laurrr-ennn”. Chrissy and I lost it… I have never forgotten that story. Love it Lauren : )

Lauren and Rob, already married, wanted to commemorate the new member of their family… the beautiful Julia. Julia was sooo sweet and Lauren and Rob are obviously proud of their little girl  and love her so much!

P.S. The spot we took the pictures with Julia was the sledding hill where they got married… so it’s a really special place to them… Their anniversary was yesterday… Happy Anniversary you two!

after I took the first picture of their shoes, Lauren informed me that they had changed shoes and that that too should be documented…she was so right… great shoes : )

I took this shot of Lauren while Rob was putting Julia back in the car and I was trying to get my settings right for the lighting… isn’t she gorgeous?

such cute people : )

Courtnee and Doug’s Engagement Session

Courtnee and Doug’s wedding is so soon! Like in less than two weeks! Funny story about how I came to meet these two. Courtnee contacted me towards the end of March with one of those nightmarish stories that you hope no one ever experiences in reality. She had booked her photographer a while back, met her and gave her a deposit… everything was set. And for some unknown reason she hadn’t been able to get a hold of her… for weeks… And understandably, that left Courtnee feeling uneasy. So she had to find a new photographer less than two months before her wedding! Luckily, she happens to be getting married on a day that I didn’t have anything booked. And I’m really glad she found me because she is so much fun… and really funny : )

We took these pictures on beautiful, albeit windy day, in downtown Cincinnati… I heart downtown Cincy so much: ) It’s like an endless supply of different settings for pictures. We were walking down this one strip and a random guy walked out of this building and said, “Hey, you guys want to come in and see this art show before the artist takes it down? ” Courtnee smartly responded, “Can we take pictures in there?” To which he said, “Of course!”… So much fun… Hope you guys like your pictures!

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything…” Shakespeare

We have had an amazing April I think… It was 80 degrees today. I felt like it was summer… except it was even better because all of the beautifulll trees in bloom with the pinks, purples and whites. It makes my heart ache with happiness and sentimentality. It’s been so good… all so good.

So these are some pictures of a wedding I helped Victoria with. This bride was just ridiculously beautiful…and the day that they got married (in April) was also ridiculously beautiful… I kind of couldn’t handle it all. It was a good day : ) I wish I could explain the way I feel about photographing weddings… but I don’t know that it can be verbalized in a way that does it justice… It makes my heart feel the same way the trees in bloom with the pinks and purples do. I love all the moments… in life and in pictures….

Two parts to this post : )

upon their first meeting…

April’s Maternity Session…with Brandon and Carson too : )

My sister April and her family have obliged me by being the willing subjects in many of my photo shoots in the past… so I was really happy to be able to do this one for them. And they’re all so cute so I’m always really excited to take their pictures. My sister has always been such a big supporter and encourager of me in all things. She has one of the most sincere, compassionate hearts I know… I’ve never ever questioned if she cared. She loves with all that she has… and her family reaps the benefits of that love : ) Not that they don’t repay the favor… Brandon is a wonderful husband and great brother-in-law and Carson… well, we all know how I feel about this little man… I love him so big : ) Love them all…And happy early birthday to April!