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Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Dahlin Family

This was one of those shoots… one of those shoots when you can’t help but ask yourself… what are the odds? Melissa contacted me back in February to set up a portrait session with her family while her sister was in town for the weekend from Boston… and she doesn’t come into town very often. At first we scheduled for Saturday, but then Melissa suggested that maybe we should plan for Friday, just in case it rained that Saturday. So the whole day Friday it was nothing but overcast… cloudy, but not even one rain drop came down from the sky. Six o’clock comes and we’re driving over to the location and of course… the rain begins. We tried to wait it out… started to take some pictures… but it came down harder and harder. Take two on Saturday and within probably the first 15 minutes… the rain began again! We thought we were really going to have to cut it short… but luckily, it held off long enough for us to get the shoot in : )  Aren’t these boys just precious? I think little Caleb just makes the most amazing faces!

A quick peek at Addie…

Just wanted you all to meet my new little niece… Hopefully I will be able to put up some more pictures soon : )

Dawn and Nate’s Engagement Session

O.M.Geeeee … I’ve missed blogging : ) It feels like it’s been forever! Almost two weeks. A rather hectic two weeks. I am frantically trying to catch up, I assure you all, on sleep, work, eating… all the necessities.

As a quick side note, my sister’s baby girl is here… Adelynn Mae, born May 6th… and she is completely beautiful and very loved… especially by her big brother. I’m sure her picture will be gracing my blog some time in the near future.

I was having one of those hearts to hearts I have so often with my dear Savannah girl the other night … we were talking about many things… the hard things in life, the good things, and all the in between. She mentioned a line from this song, that at the time she couldn’t remember, but later discovered it was Patrick Park’s “Life is a Song”.  The line goes, ” We build our house of cards and then we wait for it to fall, and always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all.” It made me feel a little dumb struck…amidst the houses of cards, the hurt and bitterness that we can harbor, tragedies and trials… I had forgotten how strange and wonderful it is just to be alive at all. It is so simple and so profound. How strange it is that we are here, living and breathing in this place, every day… this place with all of its intricacies, delicacies, complexities, and wonder. So strange…

Dawn and Nate were SO cute! I had a lot of fun with them… aside from the fact that I got them pulled over in a strange town. I was so distracted by the fact that there were balloons in my car obstructing my vision that I probably was speeding and they were only trying to follow me! So I’m sorry again guys ! I watched the movie Adam today and came across this song that melts my heart…