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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Mason…and Mom and Dad too : )

It’s late, so I won’t write much… but I promised Alicia that I would get these pictures up this week! And I have a wedding tomorrow so this is my last chance! I know Alicia through the bakery… we used to ice sugar cookies together on Tuesdays. She is a really great girl and her little man is really just too much… I mean… those eyes… and that smile… I just can’t take it : )

I love that you can see the raindrops in this… I want to make a habit out of shooting in the rain…as long as my camera is protected!

Stephanie and Dan’s Engagement Session

I’ve been reunited with my long lost love. Summer. And we are so happy : ) Every year I have the grandest, most delusional ideas about how I’m going to make summer last longer… the days of the week, the hours, minutes, seconds… will all be longer and more appreciated than all of the other days, weeks, hours and minutes of the other seasons. The saddest part of this story is that I still really believe that somehow I can make this happen. Maybe it’s the eternally optimistic child in me. I don’t know. But I’m just as heartbroken and disappointed year after year when reality interferes and my plan inevitably fails.

At least I’m old enough now to realize that all of the days of all the seasons should be appreciated because life, in its entirety, should be so appreciated. I mean that, not in the cliche, greeting card kind of way, but in the personal way. Life really is the most amazing thing. And it really is the strangest thing just to be alive at all, in every season. But summer days will always hold the dearest place in my heart.

Stephanie and Dan are both in the Army and deployed at the same time, but they were home for a week and were supposed to have their engagement pictures taken while they were here. Unfortunately, the person who was supposed to take these pictures was stuck in Tennessee in the crazy rain/flood/monsoon at the time. So Savannah, who has known Stephanie the better part of her life, called me up to see if I could do an “emergency engagement session”… I’m really glad I did, because these two were so cute and so much fun : )

Courtnee and Doug’s Wedding

I’m tired in ways I didn’t know I could be…so very tired. This past weekend I was a bridesmaid in one of my dearest friend’s wedding…an all day, in the sun, wedding affair… she was beautiful by the way. On Sunday morning, I met with a bridal consultant in Cincinnati named Tiesha Frazier of Creative Affairs ( … who is wonderful by the way and who I highly recommend… and on Sunday afternoon we shot a wedding in Cincinnati… which was so beautiful and the reception was at the Bell Event Centre, which is just breath-taking. We got home somewhere around 12:30, got to bed about 1:30, and I was back up at  7:00 to get ready to meet a friend for breakfast. I’m not accustomed to such constant going… so I’m still in recovery : )

So remember a while ago when I wrote that post about shooting without flash? No? Well, I did…and the thing is… I’ve kind of become completely intrigued by and addicted to it. At the moment, I can’t make myself shoot with flash…I love the challenge and effects of shooting without it. It scares me sometimes… because I don’t know how it will be received. I don’t know how people will feel about that extra grain… but there is something so haunting about it… at least, I hope someday my pictures will haunt people in the same good way that my hero from the UK’s photographs haunt me. So unless I note otherwise, all of my pictures from here on out(these included) will be shot without flash… at least for the time being! Also… I know there is excessive collaging happening here… I just learned how to collage today…I may have gone a little overboard…

I loved Courtnee’s dress and decor… she did everything so beautifully and affordably. She is extremely stylish : ) Savannah helped Jason and I at this wedding and I was so glad to have her there… it was really good to be able to share that with her. And as always, I don’t know what I would do without Jason… I really do need him at weddings to maintain my sanity.

I thought Courtnee could handle this Regina song for her slideshow. Regina is definitely an acquired taste, but I think Courtnee appreciates her and of course, we all appreciate John Lennon’s, “Real Love”.