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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Lauren and Vu’s Engagement Session

Lauren and Vu. SO cute : ) Heart these two and all of their preciousness… Their little town, Mariemont, is also ridiculously adorable… I sort of felt like I was in Switzerland. I just have to say about Lauren… she is beautiful… and photographs so well! Her eyes remind me of Bambi, which I LOVE. These two are getting married in October and I’m so excited for their wedding! Hope you guys like your pictures!

P.S. I gave my blog a little makeover… work in progress… kind of like my life : ) But it needed a change…

Tiffany and Quincy’s Wedding

I’m double blogging it up today so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to write here. But I will say of course congratulations to Tiffany and Quincy! And also… for some reason I couldn’t get their slideshow to cooperate today. I promise I will get it to you guys in the mail if nothing else… hope you like these!

The Lahmon Family

Remember Sally? The professor who pretty much changed my life : )Well this… is her beautiful family. I mean really, aren’t they just beautiful? I’m sure that some people will think that this song I chose for their slideshow is kind of intense and melancholy for a family slideshow. And I get that. But I was just so captivated by how beautiful and sincere it was. And how it speaks of real love. I feel like family love runs so deep…it is intense… it is the kind of love that makes your heart ache in the best way possible… just like this song does mine. Family love is all so connected. The way a Mom loves her son… the way a daughter looks at her Dad…the way a big sister would beat anybody up who messed with her little brother… the way it all began with the two people who didn’t want to do life with anyone else. I think that kind of love… all of it… is represented by this song quite well. Hope you like…

Diana and Jared’s Wedding

Diana and Jared are two of the sweetest, most genuine, and most in love people I’ve every  met. They are the trumpet players who met and fell for each other : ) Their wedding was so elegant, sophisticated, classy, and beautiful. The reception hall was unbelievable. They almost made me cry as they danced their first dance together to Ben Folds “The Luckiest”. They clearly love each other so much. It was a privilege to be with them on their day. And a HUGE thank you to Diana’s brother for all of his assistance during the family portraits. It was extremely helpful! I couldn’t help but use the Ben Folds song for their slideshow because it seems to represent them so well. It’s funny because I was a bridesmaid in one of my closest friend’s weddings the day before Jared and Diana’s wedding and her photographer used this song for their slideshow too! Hope you two like  : )