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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Megan and Ben’s Wedding

I felt it this morning…on my way to my Mom’s for our morning walk. I felt fall. There was a breeze and it wasn’t cool… it was crisp. You know the kind I mean. It made me sad of course… as it always does. But I’m resolved to not let myself be controlled by something as insignificant as the temperature outside this year. We’ll see if it lasts : )

I’m trying frantically to get all caught up before the next wave of busyness ensues. I think I’m going to make it happen. Fingers crossed.

I think I had a revelation about myself this week. I am a middle child… which I’ve always really loved. And I think that I realized recently that I love the middle in most areas of my life. Take for example movies and books. I really don’t like the beginnings of movies because I ultimately just want to know who’s who and what’s going on and not spend 2 minutes listening to a song while the names of all the cast and stuff go by. I really don’t like the endings of movies, even if they’re great, because that means that it’s over and there is nothing left to wonder about. But the middle… the middle means that you’ve got your feet in the water enough to know what’s going on but there is still all of that mystery and wondering about what might happen. I love the middle of the day because lunch is my favorite meal of the day. I love odd numbers because that means that there is a middle. So what’s my point? I don’t know : ) It was just one of those weird epiphany moments.

Megan and Ben’s wedding was almost rudely interrupted by the rain, but we managed to barely avoid it all day! At one point when Megan was getting her makeup done she had an eyelash on her cheek. Her makeup artist told her to make a wish and she was sure to put it to good use by praying for the rain to go away. Granted : )  I loved the candy bar at their reception! So Willy Wonka, which is one of my favorite childhood movies… Hope you like these!

Megan was on her cell phone : )

Paige and Alex’s Engagement Session

How does it always end up that blogs take me all day? I don’t know… But it is a rarity that I post something before 8 o’clock… and then all night I dream about pixel dimensions, color profiles, and whatever song I pick for the slideshow plays on repeat in my dreams. I just can’t turn my mind off!

Okay, but seriously… these people… are so ridiculously beautiful… like really really ridiculously good looking in the words of Derek Zoolander. I kept telling them that before and during and after their session… I’m sure it probably sounds a little scary to them, but I can’t get over it… haha… Paige and Alex’s session was so much fun. First of all, my dear friend Kelsey helped me ( and we ate Thai 9 beforehand). Second of all, Paige and Alex are really fun… and funny… and we were in the Oregon District, where random sidenotes by passers by are the norm. Finally, I literally showed up with different flip flops on. Like a brown basic flip-flop paired with a white geometric inspired flip-flop. To my horror, I didn’t even notice until after dinner. In the bathroom. Kelsey, being the good friend that she is, decided to share in my embarrassment and give me one of her flip-flops so we both looked crazy. And Paige and Alex are so much fun that they just laughed with me…or at me. Either way, it was fine.

So here you go you beautiful people… Ray is serenading you : )

somebody missed their cue… : )

Kelsey took this B&W… and I love it : ) She’s got skill.

strike a pose.

Alex is a professional soccer player…

Paige the idealist. Perceived Reality.

Paige the realist. Actual Reality.

Deana and Manny’s Wedding (Part 1)

Hi Friday. I’m so glad that you’re here. One of my favorite things about Saturdays is that for the most part… movies are on TV all day. You know… those movies you’ve seen about 50 times each… I love those movies. There is something comforting about something so familiar… something that makes me nostalgic. Last weekend it was Father of the Bride 1 and 2. I love Franc. I love Saturday movie days… I also love watching the ones I’ve always heard of but never seen.

I hate that I’ve been getting blogs up about every two weeks. And that it’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything more than a couple of sentences. By the time a blog is ready to post, I’m so exhausted I have nothing left to actually write. I don’t like that.

We lost our family dog Benny last weekend. He had one of the sweetest personalities you will ever find in a dog. When I think about him, I think about how much he just wanted to be loved and to love… he had a big heart. And all while he was so sick… he had such a hard life. Diabetes, auto-immune disorder, anxiety problems due to being abandoned by his original owners. He was a good boy. I miss him. Death, I’m finding, in all of its facets and forms, stings still.

Deana and Manny are a couple dear to my heart. Deana has been such an advocate for me… putting my name out everywhere… which has been such a blessing to me : ) Her Dad told me at her reception… “If you get on Deana’s good side, you are in for life.”  I feel that way too. And so, I feel the least I can do is give her two posts… in part to thank her, and in part because the house where she got ready was amazing and I couldn’t help myself from sharing all of that goodness.

The flowers came… and Deana was SO excited… which made the girls SO excited : )