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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Whitlock Family

I came to meet the Whitlocks through who else but my dear Sally… of course : ) She couldn’t say enough about how completely wonderful they were. And when Sally says that about people, I know it has to be true. And it was.

They are such a beautiful family (obviously on the outside)… but also just as obviously they had such beautiful hearts. It’s that thing where the love between people is so palpable that even a photo shoot with a stranger where they are asked to do silly things cannot cover it up. I adore the way these girls look at their Mom and Dad… and the way Sara and JD look at the girls…and the way Sara and JD look at each other. It is such a blessing to me to be able to photograph such real love.

This fall, Sara found out that she is dealing with cancer. She has been documenting her journey on her blog, ,which I hope you all visit. I have been so humbled and blessed and amazed by her honesty, strength, faithfulness, and hope in the face of this news. She is a Christian woman who is trusting in and clinging to Christ with all confidence in his goodness and plan. I just want to say now Sara, as a person who shares your faith, how much I admire you and how much you have blessed me through your telling of your story… I know God is using to bless and minister so many. I am praying alongside you and your family, with all hope and confidence that He has you in his hands : ) Sara is surrounded by love, support, hope, faith, and prayers and has been continually seeing God’s goodness through each step. Please visit her blog… you will be blessed!

I chose this song because I think this family embraces and appreciates all of the “ordinary” miracles in this life, both big and small. And of course, they know that they’re not so ordinary… there is a maker behind all of them.

Sarah and Chris’ Engagement Session

Just a quick note to everybody…I’m sorry that I have been so slow in getting back to people.  I feel a bit behind and have been overwhelmed lately with so many things, so sometimes responding to e-mails gets put on the back burner. I feel like eventually… I will catch up with it all… hopefully : )

Sarah and Chris live in Las Vegas but Sarah is from Ohio and wanted to do some engagement pictures here at “home”. She found me through Paige, so I knew she would be great! They were so sweet and I was happy to do these.

Carson’s 3 Year Pictures

Oh I love this boy so much. He was such a good little model on this shoot…it’s the first time we were ever able to tell him to pose a certain way and he stayed that way for more than 5 seconds. I told him to do a “cool” look… see picture # 5 for first example. Haha… we don’t know where he came up with it but I loved it.

I’m at that point where writing on my posts is a pretty low priority in light of the other things I need to get done… so just know that Carson is my heart and I loved taking these pictures of this 3 year old boy!

Sarah and Aaron’s Engagement Pictures

Hello my friends in Ohio : ) I am writing you all from the great state of South Dakota. Jason had to come here for his job and he planned a couple of days of site-seeing for us. Maybe some of you are asking, South Dakota? Really? And the people who are asking themselves that very question probably don’t know that I have a strange fascination with buffalo… which definitely live in South Dakota. Yesterday we drove through Custer State Park and a buffalo came up to our car window to say hello. Today we drove through Bear Country, where there were literally 30 bears roaming the park freely as we drove through. I could have rolled down my window and petted his furry little head. They just look so huggable and happy.  I feel like it is definitely a don’t judge a book by its cover situation though. Anyways, it’s been really nice and my husband was so good to me to plan this mini vaca.

In the midst of this trip, I must say I’ve felt funny. Funny in that way that makes me feel like change is coming. I already feel changed and I don’t know why. I couldn’t even tell you how. Just changed. Something feels different. New. I am trying to be okay with it… but I don’t like change in the beginning. Never have. I’ll keep you all updated as I see what unfolds.

Sarah and Aaron are so sweet : ) We had so much fun with these two, even though the boys were missing college football on a Saturday, which in case you didn’t know is a tragedy to my husband. The song I chose for the slideshow is by Priscilla Ahn. And maybe it doesn’t directly connect to the idea of two people in love, but I feel like indirectly it does. Because as little girls we all have a “dream” of meeting our love and getting married and living a life together. I actually heard this song a long time ago and had forgotten about it until I saw a link to it on another photographer friend’s blog and I remembered how beautiful it was. Thanks for putting it up Andrea! : )