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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Krista and Michael’s Wedding

Happy New Year : ) I finally have a little bit of time to talk about life… note the word “little”.  I am still not caught up with my editing… but closer than I’ve been in months! We just closed on our first house yesterday and there is all kinds of things to do. And we have to get ready for our most exciting news of the new year… our baby girl on the way in May! I still can’t believe it… can’t believe it’s happening…can’t believe how amazing and wonderful it is… how blessed we are. We are just so grateful and happy.

I have to be honest… the last few months have been extremely challenging. If I would have known that I was going to be pregnant and that the first trimester(plus a fews weeks) was going to be so rough for me to handle… I think I would have taken a leave of absence… until next year. You are more than welcome to call me a wimp and I won’t deny the label. But my busiest time of year just happened to fall between weeks 6-12. Weddings were extremely challenging and long days… that I know for sure I couldn’t have gotten through without my husband. But it wasn’t just the actual shooting time that was hard to handle. It was the editing… moving my head to the left or right could send me over the edge so looking at a computer screen for a couple of hours at a time was no easy task for me. That poses a problem when 60% of your job requires you to do so! I quickly got behind despite my best efforts to stay on top of things. I want to say I’m sorry again to my clients who have been waiting on pictures and thank you so much for the understanding and patience. It wasn’t for laziness or lack of trying that I was making you wait.

All that being said, I know all of the days of misery are worth it. We love this baby girl so much already and she feels very much so a part of this family even though we haven’t officially met yet : ) Life is  good.

Krista and Michael’s wedding was beautifullll… it was cold for sure, but a gorgeous fall day. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to photograph this couple’s wedding day!