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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Jordan’s Senior Pictures

Jordan is my little brother..I’ve affectionately dubbed him with a number of names ranging from Georgie Porgie, Jordo, Jor-Dan, Danny, and my favorite Dean. I have never understood why people are always so set on the idea that siblings need to be only a couple of years apart. Jordan is six years younger than I am and we were always the best of friends growing up. Not that we didn’t have our share of fights or that we weren’t in different stages in our lives. But ultimately that made things more fun… more interesting. I have always enjoyed the variety.  We played made up games and sports together, shared secrets and a sense of humor, played Lord of the Rings video games during “recess”, and spent a good part of our time together making each other laugh.  My friends never understood that I genuinely wanted to go to my little brother’s baseball games. But I did : ) Those all day tournaments in the excruciating heat are some of my favorite memories.

I am exceedingly proud of the person my brother has grown up to be. I have seen him grow and mature so much just in the last year. He has a genuine love for the Lord and desire to know Him, please Him, serve Him, and share Him with anyone who is willing to listen. He is a great friend, steady and loyal, and committed to his faith and the life that that faith calls him to lead. I’m really really proud of you Dean… can’t believe you’re a senior… love you so much.