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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Coomer Family Fall Pictures

We had to reschedule the Coomer’s photo shoot 3 times due to rain! And it was totally raining this day too… what are the odds? But Amanda said… let’s give it a go! And I’m so glad we did! The kids did great : )


IMG_5884 copyIMG_5885 copyIMG_5886 copy

IMG_5829 copyIMG_5834 copyIMG_5840 copyIMG_5846 copyIMG_5861 copyIMG_5871 copyIMG_5872 copyIMG_5873 copyIMG_5892 copyIMG_5898 copyIMG_5900 copy

IMG_5915 copyIMG_5916 copyIMG_5919 copyIMG_5923 copyIMG_5927 copyIMG_5933 copyIMG_5935 copyIMG_5938 copyIMG_5940 copyIMG_5941 copyIMG_5944 copyIMG_5945 copyIMG_5946 copyIMG_5970 copyIMG_5971 copyIMG_5984 copyIMG_5985 copyIMG_5993 copyIMG_5998 copyIMG_6001 copyIMG_6002 copyIMG_6011 copyIMG_6031 copyIMG_6032 copyIMG_6038 copyIMG_6046 copyIMG_6053 copyIMG_6055 copyIMG_6061 copyIMG_6087 copyIMG_6088 copyIMG_6107 copyIMG_6111 copyIMG_6112 copyIMG_6117 copyIMG_6118 copyIMG_6121 copyIMG_6123 copyIMG_6128 copyIMG_6130 copyIMG_6134 copyIMG_6159 copyIMG_6162 copy

Penelope Turns Two : )

I shot Jenny and Travis’ wedding in August of 2010… look at this sweet sweet little peanut they have now! I love getting to take pictures of past couples once they’ve added little ones to their family.
IMG_2421 copyIMG_2425 copyIMG_2431IMG_2432 copyIMG_2434 copy

IMG_2444 copyIMG_2446 copyIMG_2458 copyIMG_2459 copyIMG_2462 copyIMG_2473 copyIMG_2474 copyIMG_2484 copy

IMG_2498-2 copyIMG_2525 copyIMG_2540 copyIMG_2551 copyIMG_2596 copyIMG_2601 copyIMG_2604 copyIMG_2628 copyIMG_2635 copyIMG_2643 copyIMG_2659 copyIMG_2663 copyIMG_2671 copyIMG_2673 copyIMG_2733 copy

IMG_2771 copyIMG_2785 copyIMG_2788 copyIMG_2792 copyIMG_2807 copy

IMG_2826 copyIMG_2828 copyIMG_2848 copyIMG_2853 copyIMG_2866 copyIMG_2886 copyIMG_2898 copyIMG_2916 copy

IMG_2924 copyIMG_2935 copy