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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Baby Aria : )

Little Ms. Aria was so awake and serene for most of our session! I would have to say that was by far the most chill, laid-back newborn I have ever photographed … Mom and Dad were pretty proud 🙂


_MG_0074 copy_MG_0081 copy_MG_0085 copy_MG_0089 copy_MG_0096 copy_MG_0097 copy_MG_0108 copy

_MG_0117 copy_MG_0120 copy_MG_0122 copy_MG_0129 copy_MG_0130 copy_MG_0131 copy_MG_0139 copy

_MG_0141 copy_MG_0155 copy_MG_0158 copy_MG_0169 copy_MG_0170 copy_MG_0181 copy_MG_0193 copy

_MG_0194 copy_MG_0199 copy_MG_0230-2 copy_MG_0232 copy_MG_0238 copy_MG_0241 copy_MG_0242 copy

_MG_0248 copy_MG_0252 copy_MG_0255 copy_MG_0264 copy_MG_0293 copy_MG_0296 copy_MG_0299 copy

_MG_0308 copy_MG_0319 copy_MG_0342 copy_MG_0349 copy_MG_0354 copy_MG_0359 copy_MG_0363 copy

_MG_0373-2 copy_MG_0392 copy_MG_0394 copy_MG_0397_MG_0401-2 copy_MG_0402 copy_MG_0413 copy

_MG_0416 copy_MG_0420 copy_MG_0426 copy_MG_0430 copy_MG_0434 copy_MG_0437 copy_MG_0441 copy

_MG_0442 copy_MG_0447 copy_MG_0454 copy_MG_0468 copy_MG_0470 copy_MG_0474 copy_MG_0488 copy_MG_0499 copy_MG_0513 copy_MG_0519 copy_MG_0526 copy_MG_0527-3 copy