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Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Heermans and Vandersluijs Family

I took Paige and Alex’s engagement pictures about 5 years ago and they are by far probably the post I have been complimented on the most. We had so much fun that day! So I was really happy when Paige contacted me about taking some pictures of her whole family. These people are a lot of fun… and clean up pretty nice too 🙂

_MG_5664 copy_MG_5668_MG_5673 copy_MG_5704 copy_MG_5730 copy_MG_5737 copy_MG_5765 copy_MG_5765-2 copy

_MG_5777 copy_MG_5780 copy_MG_5790 copy_MG_5811 copy_MG_5836 copy_MG_5842 copy_MG_5849 copy_MG_5856 copy_MG_5862 copy

_MG_5866 copy_MG_5883 copy_MG_5889 copy_MG_5897 copy

_MG_5916 copy_MG_5920 copy_MG_5928 copy_MG_5933 copy_MG_5953 copy

_MG_5956 copy_MG_5962 copy_MG_5973 copy_MG_5979 copy_MG_5980 copy_MG_5983 copy_MG_5988 copy_MG_5991 copy_MG_5992 copy_MG_5998 copy_MG_6001 copy_MG_6006 copy_MG_6007-2 copy_MG_6015 copy

_MG_6022 copy_MG_6028 copy_MG_6042 copy_MG_6044 copy_MG_6049 copy_MG_6054 copy_MG_6075 copy_MG_6076-Recovered_MG_6079 copy_MG_6082 copy