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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Jenn, Brandon, and Olivia

I have loved having the privilege of seeing Brandon and Jenn’s family grow… from engagement pictures to wedding pictures to 3 month pictures of this little sweet pea to now 2 year pictures… she is such a doll and we became fast friends 🙂_MG_2331-2 copy_MG_2332 copy_MG_2334_MG_2338 copy_MG_2340 copy_MG_2341 copy_MG_2343 copy_MG_2345 copy_MG_2347 copy_MG_2351 copy_MG_2353 copy_MG_2363 copy_MG_2364 copy_MG_2373 copy_MG_2376 copy_MG_2377 copy_MG_2384 copy_MG_2403 copy_MG_2413 copy_MG_2415 copy

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_MG_2450 copy_MG_2456 copy_MG_2490 copy_MG_2491 copy_MG_2497 copy_MG_2500 copy_MG_2509 copy_MG_2514 copy_MG_2517 copy_MG_2541 copy_MG_2566 copy_MG_2572 copy_MG_2574 copy_MG_2584 copy

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_MG_2647 copy_MG_2651 copy_MG_2684 copy_MG_2686 copy_MG_2687 copy_MG_2692 copy_MG_2695 copy_MG_2697 copy_MG_2708 copy_MG_2736 copy_MG_2737 copy_MG_2761 copy_MG_2768 copy_MG_2772 copy_MG_2796 copy_MG_2797 copy_MG_2802 copy_MG_2804-2 copy_MG_2823 copy_MG_2853 copy_MG_2902 copy_MG_2916 copy_MG_2922 copy_MG_2930 copy_MG_2934 copy_MG_2940 copy_MG_2945 copy