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Annie and Matt’s Engagement Photos Dayton, OH (Dayton, OH Wedding Photographer)

Omgeeeee these two were the most fun ever! We laughed and laughed and laughed… and I just loved that they were hardcore when it came to dressing up in the vintage store. I am so excited for their wedding : )


IMG_1813 copy


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IMG_2029 copyIMG_2038 copy

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IMG_2085 copyIMG_2089 copyIMG_2093 copyIMG_2094 copy

IMG_2127 copyIMG_2135 copyIMG_2137 copyIMG_2157 copy


IMG_2190 copyIMG_2192 copy

IMG_2209 copyIMG_2212 copyIMG_2249 copyIMG_2251 copy


IMG_2292 copyIMG_2307 copyIMG_2313 copyIMG_2314 copy

IMG_2316 cloned copyIMG_2332 cloned copyIMG_2333 cloned copy

IMG_2362 copy

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IMG_2399 copyIMG_2402 copyIMG_2403 copyIMG_2407 copyIMG_2411 copy

IMG_2414 copyIMG_2416 copyIMG_2417 copyIMG_2424 copy

IMG_2427 copyIMG_2442 copyIMG_2445 copyIMG_2447 copyIMG_2458 copy

IMG_2472 copyIMG_2474 copyIMG_2479 copyIMG_2491 copy

IMG_2516 copyIMG_2523 copyIMG_2538 copyIMG_2547 copyIMG_2551 copyIMG_2553 copyIMG_2557 copyIMG_2565 copyIMG_2573 copyIMG_2578 copy

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