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Lucy and Charlie’s Engagement Pictures -Dayton, OH Wedding Photographer (Germantown, OH)

I took these pictures at one of my most favorite places…my best friend’s grandparents’ home, which just happens to be gorgeous and scenic with a barn and pond amongst other things : )

IMG_1099 copyIMG_1109 copyIMG_1124 copyIMG_1128 copyIMG_1136 copyIMG_1139 copyIMG_1143-2 copyIMG_1149 copyIMG_1153 copy


IMG_0859 copyIMG_0863 copyIMG_0870 copyIMG_1159 copyIMG_1165 copyIMG_1167 copyIMG_1174 copyIMG_1179 copyIMG_1180 copyIMG_1189 copyIMG_1196 copyIMG_1213 copyIMG_1216 copyIMG_1235 copyIMG_1237 copyIMG_1241 copyIMG_1249 copyIMG_0887-2 copyIMG_0911 copyIMG_0929 copyIMG_0938 copy

IMG_0943 copyIMG_0952 copyIMG_0957 copyIMG_0962 copyIMG_0986 copyIMG_0989 copyIMG_1005col

IMG_1005 copy


IMG_0993 copy

IMG_1014 copyIMG_1020 copyIMG_1032 copyIMG_1051 copy

IMG_1062 copyIMG_1064 copyIMG_1067 copyIMG_1089 copy

Tracy Shadowens - Great pictures! I would love to have a copy to put in my collage of other family photos!

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